Farming with Warriors

Posted: August 15, 2010 in All Posts, Heros, Prestige

These are the minimum warriors to send to NPC’s to get the most prestige and best experience for your hero.  Increase these amounts if you want to decrease losses, however you will not get quite as much prestige or hero experience.

Level One ~ 2,500 warriors
Level Two ~ 5,500 warriors
Level Three ~ 13,000 warriors
Level Four ~ 20,000 warriors
Level Five ~ 29,000 warriors
Level Six ~ 35,000 warriors
Level Seven ~ 55,000 warriors
Level Eight ~ 80,000 warriors
Level Nine ~ 90,000 warriors (may not be successful, do not try 10’s)

These are not necessarily the least you can use because troops in valley’s can vary (unlike NPC’s) but its gives you an idea.

Level One ~ 600 warriors
Level Two ~ 1,200 warriors
Level Three ~ 1,600 warriors
Level Four ~ 2,200 warriors
Level Five ~ 3,000 warriors
Level Six ~ 3,500 warriors
Level Seven ~ 5,200 warriors
Level Eight ~ 9,000 warriors
Level Nine ~ 16,000 warriors
Level Ten ~ 20,000 warriors (or more)

  1. WWOLF25 says:

    with the lv 1 npcs what shuld his attack be to preswtige farm with

  2. Jeff G says:

    with these methods what was reserch lvl and hero atk lvls? and does this apply to both evo 1 and evo 2?

  3. i use my queen lv 100 with 250 attack and growing also a guy i named 2 lv 66 with 188 attack and usually win and get like 2k prestige but i used like 2k trans to rack in res adn 98k warriors but with less more die and u get more prestige

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