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Treasures from Farming 10’s

Posted: September 6, 2010 in All Posts, NPC Farming

Its always nice to see treasures from farming, attacking or defending.  10’s will give up Mickey Scripts, amulets, holy water and various other treasures:


This is the go to page for all questions on NPC farming:

You’ll get ballista/tech/hero ratios and transporters necessary.  Bookmark it as you’ll use it often in the beginning stages of the game.

One key thing to watch for is safe tech levels.  When you upgrade your archery to 9, you’ll need to immediately get hbr up to 8, then archery to 10 and hbr to 9.  You won’t be able to farm while you’re upgrading your hbr from about 6 to 8 so stock up on food for that period.  It won’t take long thankfully, you can do it in a day.

Conquering an NPC 10

Posted: August 15, 2010 in All Posts, Attacking, NPC Farming

Capping a 10 is not as difficult as most people think.  I would suggest at least archery 10 and military tradition 10 for techs.  Iron working and medicine I have had as low as 8 or 9 when taking at 10 but you will see more losses with those levels.

If you can already farm 10’s then you’re ready to go.  The easiest to capture is a 10 within a mile or two of you.  You should have 9 decent hero’s in your feasting hall, one you usually would farm 10’s with (like a 170 attack or better) and the other 8 at least around 100 attack and up

Have about 150k archers and the same in warriors.  Scout the NPC 10 for a lower level hero, preferably something under 10.  Your first wave is a normal farming wave, minus the transports.  So say something like 2k worker, 2k warrior, 2k scout and 94k archers.  Send it off and check the arrival time, send off your next 8 waves to land immediately after that first wave.  Those next 8 waves should be something like 5k to 10k archers and 10k to 20k warriors.  Exact numbers won’t matter, just keep it around there.

So they all hit and hopefully since you took all my above advice to heart, you’re seeing blue lines coming back.  Go to your medic camp and heal.  When the 9 waves arrive back, send them right out again.  This time you don’t need the massive farm wave, 40k archers and 20k warriors will do and the rest of the 8 waves as you did the first time.  That’s because you won’t have nearly the same amount of defenses to take down at the 10.

Just keep repeating this until you cap the 10.  The loyalty on an NPC 10 goes down differently than a human player city.  Its much quicker and in about 30 or 40 hits you should have your city.  You’ll see the loyalty drop roughly 2 points each hit.

There are other troops you can use to cap a 10, but if its close by, I prefer using archers and warriors.  Its a cheap method and you’ll still have wall defenses left on it right after you capture it:

Capping 10’s from a distance is useful to get close to an enemy city while avoiding the use of advance teleporters and their annoying cool down (although you can bypass this if you want to tear down the wall defense, pass the city to an alliance mate and then take it back – cooldown is gone).

If  the NPC is very far you can set up a group effort with your alliance to capture the 10 but I find that more problematic because people get the arrival times wrong or send to the enemy city rather than the 10 beside them by accident (thereby alerting the enemy what you’re doing).  I insta-cap in 25 or so waves timed to land within 5 seconds.  You’ll need lots of cavs and scouts and a good sense of how camp timing operates.  The set up takes a while but in a 5 second window of attacks, after your browser recovers, you’ll be naming your new city.  You can cap a 10 from hundreds of miles away instantly.  To see why that’s advantageous, check my post on Attack Methodology.

Need some courage to get started?  Here is pretty much what I’ve said above, except I never use a war horn or penicillin:

Here’s a good video on using cavs and phracts, however you need a lot of them.  This method takes the NPC in about 5 minutes.  Its also known as “instacapping” and eliminates the need for an advance porter. 

The nice thing about capping a ten is you have all buildings at 10 so you save on Mickey Scripts.  You’ll have a lot of farms and cottages but its still worth it to tear them down and make lumber mills and barracks rather than build a city up from scratch.  The only building you do not have in a 10 is a warehouse.  When I start a new server, I build a city up just to make it to my first 10 capture and that becomes my main.

Evony – Conquering level 10 NPC in 5 minutes!

Farming 10′s

Posted: August 15, 2010 in All Posts, NPC Farming

This combination works when you’ve got your hero about 150 attack and up:

  • 2K workers
  • 2K warriors
  • 3K scouts
  • 1850 transporters
  • 91150 archers

For hero’s 200 attack or more:

  • 2K workers
  • 2K warriors
  • 2K scouts
  • 1850 transporters
  • 92150 archers

Its best to have your techs leveled up or you’ll take much greater losses.

  • Archery 10
  • Military Tradition 10
  • Horseback Riding 10
  • Compass 9
  • Iron Working 10
  • Medicine 10

When you have a hero at 250 attack or better you can upgrade your HBR and then Compass to level 10 and a good mix for all level 10 techs/250 attack hero is:

  • 2K workers
  • 2K warriors
  • 2K scouts
  • 1850 transporters
  • 92150 archers

When you have a good hero, you can comfortably farm 10’s with minimal losses and re-make the lost troops in no time: